1.1. PAYUK DMITRY ZINOVIEVICH is the Individual Entrepreneur and Auction organizer under The Auction House “Vinyl Bazar” brand, hereinafter referred to as"Organizer" or “Auction House". The Organizer and Participants hold the auction to encash the items of musical collectibles: vinyl records, audio and video CDs, photographs, arts, vintage, etc.1.2. The Auction House in its activities is guided by these rules and regulations and the current legislation of the Russian Federation.1.3. The Auction House acts as an agent of the Seller. The agent acts on his own behalf and at the Seller's expense.1.4. The Organizer goes through the auctioneer and the secretary during the Auction and goes by the legal representatives at all other times.1.5. These regulations apply to all aspects of the Organizer and Participants interactions that relate to purchases, sales, valuation, cataloging and maintaining.1.6. Any and all amendments to these regulations are valid when made in writing and signed by both Parties.


TRADES PARTICIPATION2.1. The auction participants may be capable individuals who have reached the age of 18 and legal entities hereinafter referred to as “Participants”.2.2. The Auction House reserves the right to refuse the participation in auctions without reasoning.2.3. It is within Auction House representative’s right to request the potential bidder to provide: documents confirming the participant's identity, accounts statement and other financial documents confirming the participant's financial solvency.
LIVE PARTICIPATION3.1. Prior to auction a potential Buyer must apply for participation (register), provide a passport’s photocopy and receive a paddle.3.2. The paddle is the only evidence that confirms the right to participate in the auction.3.3. By completing the registration the Participant confirms his agreement with the auction regulations and his payment obligation regarding the purchased items.3.4. The Participant is responsible for any bet made with his card.
ABSENTEE PARTICIPATION4.1. In case the Participant can not attend the auction, he makes a remote bid in the lot on the auction website by 24 hours at the latest.4.2. In case of identical remote bids in the same lot the earliest accepted by the Organizer has the priority.4.3. The Organizer reservs the right to demand additional personal identification documents and financial guarantees from the Buyer that is not the Auction House's regular client.4.4. With the received remote bid the Organizer shall purchase the lot for the Buyer at the price of just.4.5. The Auction House will not be held liable for failure to progress the demand, errors or omissions related to the conducted auctions.
TELEPHONE PARTICIPATION5.1. On the line participation registration is equivalent to the remote one.5.2. By submitting the application the Participant confirms his obligation to pay for the purchased item within regulated terms.5.3. By submitting the application for the on-the-line particiipation the Participant confirms his obligation to buy this lot at the reserve price.5.4. The Organizer will not be liable for the telephone link quality.
REPRESENTATION OF INTERESTS AT THE AUCTION6.1. The Participants may introduce their interests through their representatives.6.2. The Representative shall provide an attested POA right to participate in the auction, legal entities' Representative shall additionally provide the guarantee letter of the organization to the Organizer agreeing the obligation to pay for the purchased lot.6.3. The refusal to fulfill the obligation to pay and the objections based on the representative's authority exceeding or misinterpreting the will of the Participant are inadmissible.
PROCEDURE OF TRADES7.1. The official source of information on exposed items is the auction catalog.7.2. On completeng the auction no item's quality and condition claims are accepted as payment refuse reasoning.7.3. Prior the auction the Participants can attend the pre-auction exhibition for items review, the periods are indicated in the Auction House’s catalogue.7.4. The Auction House has every intention to provide lot's complete specification but it disclaims any responsibility for possible errors, inaccuracies, absence of any information in the article describing the item.7.5. The potential Buyer is recommended to familiarize throughly with lots himself or with the help of competent persons.7.6. The Buyer makes the decision to purchase the item independently basing on the review.7.7. To order the catalogue:- to download the online version from the website- by phone (if printed version is available)- by mail (if printed version is available)7.8. The Auction is conducted by the Auctioneer acting under the POA issued in the name of the Organizer.7.9. The Auctioneer resolves all disputable situations that may arise at bidding as well as the auction Secretary who has the priority of final decision.7.10. The Organizer reserves the right to withdraw any lot from the auction without reasoning.7.11. Lots are exposed for auction in correspondence with numbers of the auction catalogue.7.12. The Auctioneer places lot for bidding and announces the number, the title and the reserve price. In case of remote bid for the item the Auctioneer will speak out this fact.7.13. After the reserve price is announced the Participant raising his paddle means his unconditional and irrevocable consent to buy this lot at the announced price. The Participant's each subsequent raising of paddle means his consent to purchase the lot at a price that exceeds the previous by one step.7.14. The lot's price augmentation increment is equivalent to approximately 10% of current price. The auctioneer has the right to set a different price increment at the auction.7.15. The bid that was made by an authorized representative or by Auction House's employee assisting the on-the-line service imparts the right and payment obligation to the Participant on whose behaf they were acting.7.16. The Buyer and the close price are determined with the last fall of hammer. The winning bidder is the Participant who offered the maximum price by raising his paddle, or offered the maximum price within the remote or on-the-line participation. From then onward the lot is sold and all other paticipants' claims are considered void.7.17. Photo, video, audio or cinematographic recording is prohibited during the auction, no advertising is allowed. Violators will be evicted and deprived of the right to visit other Organizer's auctions.

7.18. All the lots that were not sold at auction will be placed on the "AFTERSALE" page. It will open 1 hour after the end of the auction in the main menu. Lot in the "AFTERSALE" can be bought at the starting price. Commission to the price will also be 25%. Buyers who bought lots for "AFTERSALE" will receive separate invoices by mail.


PAYMENT PROCEDURE8.1. The amount of payment consists of the close price and the 25 % of the price for the Organizer's commission fee.8.2. The Buyer is considered to have bought the item for himself, he is responsible for payment and has no opportunity to count on the Organizer.8.3. Available payment options:- payment in cash- electronic payment transfer- payment with credit card: VISA, VISA ELECTRON, MasterCard, MasterCard Electronic, Maestro, WORLD, JCB, UnionPay8.4. In case the purchase is not collected within 14 (fourteen) calendar days since the auction, regardless of the payment, the Auction House reserves the right to transport the property to the third parties for storage at the Buyer's expense and issues the items only after the transportation and storing costs are paid in full.8.5. In case the items are not paid in full or in part within 30 (thirty) calendar days since the auction, the Organizer has he right to charge a penalty of 300 rubles for each day of payment delay.8.6. In case the payment in not completed within 60 (sixty) calendar days the Auction House has the right to cancel the transaction and demand the compensation from the Buyer for the amount of the commissions due both from the Buyer and the Seller.8.7. The Auction House has the right, without transaction's cancellation, to implead the delinquent payer the entire amount and to start a legal process for collecting it including the interest, legal costs and expenses in accordance with the current Russian legislation.8.8. All payment disputes the Buyer and the Auction House resolve either by negotiation or by judicial procedure at the location of the Auction House.8.9. After the payment is completed in full the Buyer can pick up the lot at the office or order a delivery. When ordering a delivery the Buyer must send a letter with the address specification. The Organizer chooses the option and calculates the cost. Courier delivery is charge free, postal or transport shipment is charged according to the chosen option’s tariffs. All items pending the shipment will be decently packed. The items' ownership is passed to the Buyer when payment is completed in full.
CONDITION AND AUTHENTICITY OF ITEMS9.1. The objects’ condition (vinyl records) is described only from visual criteria and characteristics according to a strict British assessment system (BAS).9.2. Complete condition characteristics and the regular describing abbreviations (vinyl records) are available on the website in the "Buy" section.
GUARANTEES AND LIABILITIES10.1. The Auction House "Vinyl Bazar" shall make all necessary arrangements to provide the reliable information on the exposed items.10.2. Items sold at auction are not refundable and exchangeable.10.3. The items (arts and autographs only) confirmed with expert assessment by the time of auction do not allow disclosing a statement of their possible forgery.10.4. The Buyer must apply the statement on the purchased item's forgery within 6 (six) months since the date of auction and support it with at least two different independent expert reports issued by authorized organizations or experts.10.5. In case the item’s forgery is conclusively proven, it must be delivered to the Organizer in the same condition as it was sold on the day of auction, without any changes or interventions.10.6. The Organizer refunds such item to the Buyer as soon as the sum is received from the item’s Seller.10.7. The refund guarantee is applied only directly to the Buyer that must be confirmed by the relevant documents. The returned item must be exempt from real obligations that the Buyer must also confirm.10.8. The Auction House "Vinyl Bazar" guarantees the confidentiality of information about the Buyer's name, location, the purchased lots and their value and all other personal data completed at registration.