The auction house "Vinyl Bazar" is a project that allows collectors from all over the world to buy and sell rare and very rare objects of musical collectibles. Vinyl records, audio-video CDs, posters, photos, autographs, vintage, all this you will find on the pages of our auctions.

The team "Vinyl-bazaar" has a great experience, more than 30 years in the world music market. We interact with well-known international dealers, experts and specialists in various fields of music collecting.

In addition, the auction is always an exciting and exciting event, as well as the opportunity to buy really rare items in excellent condition, evaluated by experts. For those who want to sell their collection - this is an excellent platform for finding new customers.

The auctions will be held through the online bidding system and offline("live") bidding.

We invite everyone to take part in this interesting project.

Good luck to all!